We’re All Together Now. We’re hardworking stylists, designers and event producers with a serious hankering to celebrate life. We do it all, big or small (that rhyme was on purpose). We want to combine our expertise with your personal vision to create a mind-blowing experience.

Photo by Benjamin Derkin

Photo by Benjamin Derkin


After exploring Film Production/Theory at The Ohio State University, I realized that instead of producing films, I would much rather produce gatherings + events. I am focused on things that are well made, with a touch of history, perhaps a pinch of kitsch, or a sense of humor. When I am not throwing parties, you can find me thrifting, crafting, eating hot dogs, freaking out about llamas, hiking or traveling. I’m a big fan of columbus, ohio and proud to call it home.


Coming from a family of artists, I have been raised with the pursuit of creating beautiful things. With dual degrees in Marketing and Design from The Ohio State University, I have an acute focus on presentation and creating an audience specific environment. I believe it’s the little things that create the greatest memories and that idea plays a large role in my design. I thrive off of close personal friendships, inspiration in the form of art, design, music, and photography, as well as an intrinsic need for adventure. I would take wildflowers over roses, a food truck over a fancy restaurant, and a summer bonfire with friends over a night downtown. I’m a true believer in loving the life you lead and couldn’t be more grateful for the people in mine and the great city I live in!