If you follow us on any social media outlet, you have probably heard us mention The Campfire Experience. We LOVE The Campfire Experience. This company exists to give you an outdoor experience and to inspire you to get outside and connect with nature. 

If you haven't made plans this Summer to get outside and relax, we suggest scheduling a weekend or event better, a week with The Campfire Experience. Surprise your hubby, grab the gals or spend some much needed time with siblings. Amy can personalize your experience and make your getaway unforgettable. Get outside and enjoy!

Photos by Benjamin Derkin of Derk's Works


In January of 2012, I asked Lindsay to be my work wife and start an event planning and design company. We were both craving a creative outlet and we wanted to work closely with the Columbus community we loved. 

This month we celebrated the 4 year anniversary of our first event. We had a somewhat blissful ignorance about the time, effort and sometimes crazy schedules we would have to maintain as young business owners. It has been a wild ride and now we are consistently planning weddings, community events, fundraisers and parties. We have styled photo shoots, retail window displays and magazine spreads. We have our first nationwide event tour with a rad Chicago brewery and we are working on our first residential interior decorating project. 

What I guess I want to throw out in the universe is: I'm proud of us. We have done our best to remain positive and have surrounded ourselves with people who support us, believe in us and care for our well being. It's been really REALLY hard work and not for the faint of heart, but if you have something you want to do, DO IT! Start a business, start painting, start writing, start a girly bike gang (I'm looking at you Jessica Matthews).

Find something you love so much, you’ll work for it
— Josie Schweitzer

I love this quote from Josie. I love hearing her talk about what she loves to do, but also she'll tell you flat out: it's hard work. You have to work at it. If you don't know Josie, check her out at

Everyday, we have the chance to make someone's world a little more beautiful and create experiences that people will always remember. Sounds cheesy, but I like cheese. F that, I love cheese. 

The awesome people and relationships we have made along the way, the clients we now call friends and the thrill of being creative have made the late nights with slap happy laughs, hard lessons and hustling all worth it. 

To our clients, we are so thankful that we could be apart of your celebrations. To our vendors and partners, thank you for being so damn cool and making us look really good. To our family, thanks for understanding that we need to stay up till 3:00AM making tissue tassel garland and when you make us coffee, we appreciate it so much. You are the best.




We had the pleasure of helping Chef Cara Mangini celebrate her new cookbook, The Vegetable Butcher, at the beginning of April at Vue. The room was filled with so many supporters of her business, Little Eater,  and fans of veggies!

Boozy punch, fresh cocktails from Watershed and Middlewest Spirits and beers from Rockmill Brewery, Seventh Son Brewing and Platform Beer Co. kept the guests hydrated and the MOST BEAUTIFUL small bites from Little Eater filled the bellies of many. The food was gorgeous AND delicious. Marti had cookies that changed her life. 

For decor, we decided to draw inspiration from the natural colors of vegetables and use vibrant oranges, greens and purples. Wooden crates displayed books, veggie garlands were everywhere and guests seemed to really have a blast in the photo booth. 

Cheers to beautiful Cara on this achievement. We had such a wonderful time working on this party and we can't wait for the next adventure. 

All photos by the amazing Rachel Joy Baransi


IVEC & ROSSA: Future of Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Dresses. Some women fantasize of their dream dress from the time they are a little girl. Me, I had no clue what I wanted or what even looked good on me. All I had were pins upon pins of dresses from designers way out of my price range for which I lusted over as a part of All Together Now "research". Regardless, I was excited to start shopping!

I thought it would be a fun task to quickly check off of my list, but upon looking, I was quickly overwhelmed. I am an online shopper. I love the convenience of being able to browse without leaving the house and avoiding crowds or judge-y sales associates. The fact that you need to book bridal house appointments weeks in advance was frustrating for this lazy shopper. Unsure of what to do, I reached out to Annie, one of my most stylish friends/wedding dress guru, for help.

The dresses I was most attracted to were casual, like me, with perfectly crafted simple silouhettes. Annie sent me several links to the most beautiful dresses. I was grateful, drooling over each one, but they seemed too far out of reach with trunk shows and bridal rooms in New York, Chicago, or LA. Not only would I have to add travel costs to the gown budget, but I would want my family and most trusted dress advisors' stamp of approval for such a special purchase. I kept thinking there must be an easier way to do this. 

Houghton- Grady

Houghton- Grady

Annie and our pal, Christie, found the answer with Ivec & Rossa! Why not have the dresses come to YOU to try on?! The idea is simple. Browse some of your favorite boho designers, pick a dress or two and have it shipped directly to you to try on in front of family and friends (I smell party!) in the comfort of your own home. Still want that showroom experience? The dress comes with a kit filled with measuring instructions, alteration clamps, nude panties, and more! They even offer live video chats to help assist at the try-on. Added plus, the money you spend on the sample and experience will go directly towards your dress!

To top things off, for the weekend of Feb. 27th - 28th, they are bringing one of our favorite designers, Rue De Seine, to Columbus for a trunk show. That's right....Rue De Seine in Columbus, Ohio! Appointments are FREE (this word is rarely used in wedding planning) and still available, so reach out to now to get a spot before they're all gone.

Come, bring your friends, try on gorgeous dresses, drink a little bubbly, and let Ivec & Rossa be your bridal spirit guides!

Trunk Show Address:  445 N. High Street, Suite 200, Columbus, Ohio 43215.