In January of 2012, I asked Lindsay to be my work wife and start an event planning and design company. We were both craving a creative outlet and we wanted to work closely with the Columbus community we loved. 

This month we celebrated the 4 year anniversary of our first event. We had a somewhat blissful ignorance about the time, effort and sometimes crazy schedules we would have to maintain as young business owners. It has been a wild ride and now we are consistently planning weddings, community events, fundraisers and parties. We have styled photo shoots, retail window displays and magazine spreads. We have our first nationwide event tour with a rad Chicago brewery and we are working on our first residential interior decorating project. 

What I guess I want to throw out in the universe is: I'm proud of us. We have done our best to remain positive and have surrounded ourselves with people who support us, believe in us and care for our well being. It's been really REALLY hard work and not for the faint of heart, but if you have something you want to do, DO IT! Start a business, start painting, start writing, start a girly bike gang (I'm looking at you Jessica Matthews).

Find something you love so much, you’ll work for it
— Josie Schweitzer

I love this quote from Josie. I love hearing her talk about what she loves to do, but also she'll tell you flat out: it's hard work. You have to work at it. If you don't know Josie, check her out at

Everyday, we have the chance to make someone's world a little more beautiful and create experiences that people will always remember. Sounds cheesy, but I like cheese. F that, I love cheese. 

The awesome people and relationships we have made along the way, the clients we now call friends and the thrill of being creative have made the late nights with slap happy laughs, hard lessons and hustling all worth it. 

To our clients, we are so thankful that we could be apart of your celebrations. To our vendors and partners, thank you for being so damn cool and making us look really good. To our family, thanks for understanding that we need to stay up till 3:00AM making tissue tassel garland and when you make us coffee, we appreciate it so much. You are the best.